Zinesters celebrate Sirius

Sirius and its best known resident Myra are in the news constantly. Sirius is at the top of the SOSBrutalism campaign at the German Architecture Museum (Deutches ArchitekturMuseum). Myra is still at the top of Sirius with her SOS lights shining. These are soon to be accompanied by a special neon display for Vivid.

All of this was a perfect background for the Zine Fair at the Museum of Contemporary Art, which featured a stellar line-up of zinesters, distros, independent presses, and artists. Showcasing zines from across the country, the fair celebrated the alternative, experimental and emerging, and included two fabulous zines about Sirius. One of these is Sirius 44, a heartfelt, insightful and stylish publication. If you missed the Zine Fair, copies will be available at Friday Night Sirius on 2 June and then at This is Sirius, the exhibition at the Annie Wyatt Room, National Trust Centre, Observatory Hill, between 8–16 June (open 10am to 4.30pm daily).

Below is the story of Myra in Sirius 44 (click on it to enlarge)


and Cherie’s (click on it to enlarge)…

At the Zine Fair a few metres away were Shuang Wu and her colleague who had produced Brut Zine…



The Story of Sirius includes a translation of On Ugliness by Umberto Eco, which begins:

‘Often the attributes of beauty or ugliness are due to political and social not aesthetic criteria.’

Most members of the New South Wales Cabinet were determined to record their judgment of Sirius as an eyesore, an ugly blight on the sandstone heritage of The Rocks, but in their eyes perhaps its ugliest attribute was that it was built for and remains public housing.

Recklessly dismissing the advice of their own Heritage Council, the Ministers of the New South Wales Government have demanded the demolition of Sirius and the obliteration of a history they would prefer not to remember. Unable to comprehend why people love this building, they have covered the common rooms in black plastic and built a cyclone wire fence around the courtyards to keep people away.

The Sirius Foundation invites people to come along to Friday Night Sirius to celebrate this building, and come again to This is Sirius, the fabulous exhibition in preparation for the National Trust Centre between 8–16 June. There will be some great zines at both events and lots else besides.

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