Why Sirius Matters

This is Sirius is an exhibition celebrating Sirius and its residents. Presented at the National Trust Centre by John Dunn and Margaret Bishop on behalf of the Save Our Sirius Foundation, and supported by the National Trust, Historic Houses and City of Sydney, the exhibition ran from 8 to 16 June.

All works from the exhibition are now online:

During the exhibition on ABC Sydney Simon Marnie joined Myra for Sunday Brunch. The complete program is available here.

Excerpts from the documentary Forced Out were shown on opening night and over the weekend of the exhibition. For more information and a link to an earlier preview see here.

More stories about Sirius on this site are here.

The Save Our Sirius website with the latest news about Sirius is here.

This is Sirius opening night photos by Ben Guthrie. Click on each photo to enlarge.

“The fight for Sirius continues. At the moment we’re waiting on a decision from the government. We hope there will be a moment where we can hit the pause button and the Premier can sit down with us and talk about viable options for Sirius, going into the future. All options start with Sirius being listed on the State Heritage Register. And the reason we need it listed on the State Heritage Register is because once it’s there it cannot be demolished.”

—Shaun Carter inviting Philip Thalis to open This is Sirius.

Read more of Shaun Carter’s speech.


“Sirius was built to house a broad, inclusive community. Quite a remarkable story. Really without parallel. The Sirius building wanted to give people a new, dignified, life.  I didn’t know, even though I’d drawn the area and walked past Sirius hundreds of times, I didn’t get it. Until I went on one of the tours and went into the foyer and went into the gardens and here was a building that was 40 years old, that was like the day it was built. Now buildings are only like that when the community loves them. The foyer of Sirius is a remarkable work. It really is a community room for the building. Sirius is a model of how you can build public housing for society, and not just as real estate.”

—Philip Thalis opening address – This is Sirius.

Read the full speech by Philip Thalis.


This is Sirius opening night photos by Ben Guthrie. Click on each photo to enlarge.




























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