This is Sirius #1 to #22


1. Ben Guthrie
A Star in the Sunlight
Digital dye-sublimation photo print on aluminium
102 x 76cm


2. Shuang West
Siriusly Abstracted
Digital Collage Print
35 x 28cm

3. Danling Xiao
A Beauty to Last
Photograph (pumpkin, wax flower, paper)
35 x 28cm framed


4. Barbara Aroney
Myra Waiting in the Phillip Room of Sirius
24 x 29cm

5. Leah Bennetts
Sirius Tao
Cyanotype on canson paper, 22.5 x 27.5cm framed

6. Leah Bennetts
Sirius Blue
Cyanotype on canson paper, 22.5 x 27.5cm framed

7. Leah Bennetts
Sirius Sentiments
Aquatint, drypoint, intaglio print on paper
22.5 x 27.5cm framed

8. Stephanie Vear
Sirius x Van Doesburg
Digital artwork print
29.7 x 42cm


9. Andrew Merry
The Brutalist
Archival pigment print
28 x 38mm framed

10. Kelwin Wong
Sirius in the sky
300gsm cotton rag print
35 x 26.8cm

11. Geoffrey Goddard
Sixteen Views of Sirius
Photo Collage
35 x 28cm

12. Clinton Gorst
Sirius Paint Drip
Digital Collage Print on art paper
30 x 30cm


13. Jacqui Duncan
Sirius Building
Digital illustration on Archival paper
Framed 46 x 56cm

14. Allegra Mazin
One Way! Jesus
acrylic paint on canvas
25.4 x 30.5cm


15. Chantel Lewis-King
Approaching Sirius
28 x 35cm

16. Eric Ng
Pen drawing on paper
26 x 21cm


17. Chantel Lewis-King
Stand Sentinel
35 x 28cm

18. Carl Milton
Sirius Star Shining over Circular Quay
Acrylic on Canson Paper
28 x 20cm

19. Jason Paulos & Andrew Merry
Tsunami of doom strikes the Sirius building
Photo print on rag paper, ink, acrylic
61 x 90 cm framed


20. Erica Cordell
SOS Paul Keating’s speech Redfern Park
acrylic on canvas, 30 x 50cm

21. Margaret Bishop
Seriously Sirius
Plywood and balsa
33 x 51cm

22. Clinton Cole
Sirius Speculative
Printed image
30 x 42cm