Millicent Chalmers, Windmill Street, Millers Point, 2014

I bought the lease of Lorraine at 29 Lower Fort Street 25 years ago. It was over 150 years old. The house was derelict and my two children and I spent nearly a year repairing and painting it before we moved in. We had previously lived in Roseville where people were rather reserved. It was so nice to get a smile and a nod on the way to the corner store.

We were quickly absorbed into the community. I went to the monthly meetings of the Resident Action Group (the RAG) and met the residents and representatives of the Council and government departments who attended. Soon after we moved in, the RAG needed a secretary. I was elected and was secretary and then the Chair until I retired a few years ago. Through the RAG I worked with Shirley Ball for many years. She was fiercely devoted to Millers Point and was an amazing, strong and interesting character.

I am very grateful to have lived in this community for so long. I was keen to live in such an interesting area of Sydney’s heritage, but the community became a major part of my life.

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Marcia & Millicent
Marcia and Millicent Chalmers, Windmill Street, Millers Point, 2014

For over twenty years Millicent lived in Lorraine, one of the grand old homes of Lower Fort Street, initially with her two children, and in recent years with her sister Marcia. Inside, they stored a lifetime of possessions and the archives of the Residents Action Group (the RAG).

The lease on Lorraine ran out a couple of years ago. At the time Housing NSW was selling some of the bigger and older houses it owned in the area. Millicent approached Housing and offered to move out of Lorraine and into more modest accommodation.