Sydney supports Millers Point


Two Sydney Councils have erected Save Millers Point banners. Marrickville Council and Leichhardt Council have put up banners to show their support for social housing and the Millers Point community. STUCCO have also produced a banner. All of these banners have been placed in prominent positions. The Friends of Millers Point and the community are grateful for this support. Margaret Bishop wrote to the Councils on behalf of the Friends, saying in part:

‘On behalf of The Friends of Millers Point working group we want to enthusiastically thank you for the support the councils have given by producing and hanging banners in Leichhardt and Marrickville that defend public housing and the community of Millers Point in particular.

‘Your contribution to the campaign to help save the Millers Point community has helped us to bring to a wider audience what is happening to the vunerable and less able in our community and the short sighted dismantling of public housing in this area. We know that you are aware and very concerned that Millers Point is a test case for what will happen in your communities.’

marrickville_banner Marrickville banner2 Leichhardt_banner Leichhardt banner2ACOSS_banner people_banner

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