This is Sirius #42 to #65


42. Peter Reavie
3D print and paint
fridge magnets in gold, pink, white, grey

43. Natalie Rosin
Ceramic: sandy raku clay, transparent gloss glaze
13 x 6 x 10cm


44. Nikki Easterbrook
For(ced) Sale #2
Print pigment ink on archival etching paper, black wood frame, museum glass , edition 2/5
63 x 43cm

45. Geoffrey Roberts
Sirius, 2012
Silver Gelatin Photograph
11 x 13 inches, 50 x 55cm framed


46, 47 & 48. John Dunn
Owen Leaves Sirius
Jack and Tao
At home with Cherie
35 x 28cm


49, 50 & 51. Kate Mulheron
Sirius #2
Sirius #3
Silkscreen print on Fabriano
32 x 28cm
City of Sydney Civic Collection


52 & 53. Jane Bennett (courtesy Frances Keevil Gallery)
SOS – One Way Jesus
SOS – Save our Sirius
oil on canvas
46 x 61cm


54. Shuang West and a colleague
BRUT Journal
Print Publication
6 x 9 book

55 & 56. Fayroze Lutta
SOS Sirius 44 (handmade zine)
SOS Sirius 44 (handmade ringbound zine)
cardboard, watermark paper stock/gold foil
29.7 x 21cm

57. Kevin Liu
Copper Mezzotint
17.5 x 12.5cm

58. Peter Reavie
Sirius street fight
3D Print and paint on etched plywood stand
10 x 8 x 2cm plus stand

59. Richard Briggs
Sketch book
ASSRD Sketchbook hand bound
Print on paper (edition 10+)

60. Peter Chadwick
Save Our Sirius poster
60 x 42cm

61. John Dunn and Margaret Bishop
This is Sirius
neon lights on plywood
80 x 100 x 5cm
(installed in Myra’s unit in Sirius during Vivid and exhibition)
City of Sydney Civic Collection

62. Annie Coulthard
Sirius Teatowel
Annie’s photo screenprinted on organic cotton cloth, 72 x 46cm

63. Jacqui Duncan
Sirius Building
Cards with envelopes (20)

64. Jane Bennett
(courtesy Frances Keevil Gallery)
SOS – Save our Sirius
oil on canvas
15 x 15cm

65. Reg Mombassa
No Surrender poster
signed by Reg Mombassa and Jack Mundey
42 x 29.7cm