The Secret Singer

Joanna Weinberg writes about her new project, The Secret Singer…

Some of you may know that I run a community choir in Millers Point in Sydney. One of my stalwart choristers, a woman who had great difficulty walking and also singing, asked me for lessons. Over the course of a year, I taught her every week while, as is the nature of private singing lessons, she told me her life story. I was so inspired by her determination – the obstacles she faced growing up made Everest look like an anthill – that I wanted to honour her in a piece of writing. This, after many attempts, has become The Secret Singer – a musical play about a singing teacher whose life is turned around by an unusual pupil.

The very first outing of this play will happen at the hall where I run the choir – it seemed like the most fitting space. The piece stars Margi de Ferranti and Kate Mannix, with musical arrangements and accompaniments by Steven Kreamer.

Abraham Mott Hall : October 28th , 3.30 pm :

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