Quentin Dempster’s Q&A


Quentin Dempster conducted a Q&A with Clover Moore (Lord Mayor of Sydney), Paul McAleer (MUA), Irene Doutey (Greens Councillor, City of Sydney), Edwina Lloyd (ALP candidate for Sydney), Alex Greenwich (Member for Sydney) and Millers Point resident Barney Gardner. The speakers were inspiring and at times moved the audience to tears. We hope to have a transcription of the Q&A on this site soon.

Also present and showing their support were Tanya Pliberseck (deputy leader of the opposition and Federal MP for Sydney),  Sophie Cotsis (State opposition spokesperson on housing), Prof. Peter Phibbs, Lee Rhiannon (Greens Federal senator), Tao Gofers (architect of the Sirius building) and Robyn Kimmis (Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney).


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