‘Not being well known for my wordsmanship I am moved enough at the plight of the Millers Point community to make this effort. I am not a resident directly of this community but live in one of the high rise unit blocks on its perimeter, my wife and I are parishoners at Saint Brigid’s church at Millers Point and count the community members as some of our dearest friends. Some of these people are not so young any more and are obviously distraught and depressed at the thought a government in the “lucky country” removing them from their homes to install the well heeled in their place. This community has always been a working-class district that has been home to families that go back three and four generations. The community has been saved once from developers by Jack Mundey who rightly saw the destruction of a community by eletist forces as immoral. The well heeled can have their Barangaroo – there’ll be no low cost housing there despite the promises. This is Australia – land of a fair go for all. Let’s continue the fight.’