Open Sirius Sunday 2.11.14 2–4pm




Sirius Apartments are open to the public on Sunday 2 November from 2–4pm. 
Organised by the Friends of Millers Point and coinciding with Open Sydney, we are celebrating milestones for 35-year-old Sirius and 85-year-old Ron Jennings.
Come and celebrate Ron Jenning’s birthday, meet residents of Sirius, see the exhibition and this unique development which includes units with special features for the aged and people with disabilities, and two, three and four-bedroom family units.
Sirius was designed by Tao Gofers in 1975 for the NSW Housing Commission. Sitting beside the southern approaches to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the apartments look out to Circular Quay and the Opera House. The National Trust has listed Sirius for its architectural and social significance. 
SOS Save our Sirius is an exhibition that includes the original plans for Sirius, archival material from the time it was built, and stories about its residents and other social housing tenants in Millers Point facing eviction. 
Come and see the Sirius Apartments before they are demolished. See the High Street flats before they go the same way. It seems the Government is planning to sell these properties to developers who will demolish them, and most traces of a maritime community that has a continuous history stretching back to the beginning of European settlement will be gone. The people and the places they lived in. Gone.
The Sirius exhibition and photos will go online at


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In 2014 the NSW Government announced a plan to relocate a whole community, including people whose families have lived in Millers Point and The Rocks for five, six and seven generations. Some residents are in their eighties or nineties and have lived their entire lives in this community.
The Government has vowed to relocate more than 400 residents of Millers Point and The Rocks and sell  293 houses and flats, including the 79 Sirius apartments.
The Friends of Millers Point oppose this sell-off. Friends include musicians, artists, writers, architects, residents, and local, state and federal politicians.

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  1. Hori Mckenzie 6 July 2015 at 6:42 pm #

    Have been relocated since last September, still getting very homesick, and have to make trips back to remind me of thirty beautiful years spent in 9 Lower Fort St. It really is very sad when I do visit, the “Community Feel”. Is fading away?

  2. Kelli Haynes 8 August 2016 at 1:03 pm #

    I just noticed this Hori. Hope you are feeling better now. It is a struggle to maintain community spirit under attack but it is still there.

  3. Kelli Haynes 8 August 2016 at 1:04 pm #

    Did you participate in the research project with Alan Morris Hori? He is interviewing and recording feedback from those that left to reveal the truth of what this all means.

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