Newsletter Report 9 May 2017


The Millers Point Community Newsletter is a step towards building the digital footprint for the RAG. It joins the RAG website and the Millers Point community website.

John Dunn and Neil Glasser were elected by the RAG to develop digital content for the RAG, including reimagining the website and producing a digital newsletter.

Reimagining or reorganising the website is a major undertaking, so we have begun this task by producing a digital newsletter and the first edition went out to 181 subscribers on 3 May.

According to Mailchimp, the program through which the newsletter was sent, the average proportion of subscribers opening a community newsletter is 10.3%. The proportion of subscribers opening the Millers Point Community Newsletter was more than 62%, and resending the newsletter to those who had not opened it increased this proportion by a further 23%.

The newsletter forecasts some of the material we hope to produce in future newsletters, and the material produced will be used to populate a reorganised website. The material on the current RAG website will also be kept on the reorganised site.

The newsletter will provide links to current Development Applications and other issues that might concern residents. The first issue was to have links for the Observatory Hill DA, but the extension for submissions was shorter than anticipated and the link and story were omitted. In the newsletter there was still a link to the page where RAG submissions to DAs were archived.

Most other stories in the newsletter included links, and although some subscribers clicked through to these links, most did not. Future issues of the newsletter a likely to include more obvious “Read more…” links to encourage subscribers to follow areas of interest.

The first digital newsletter invited feedback and invited contributions from residents. It also outlined some of the stories people are working on already for future issues and for the website.

There has been a great response to the first Millers Point Community Newsletter. We look forward to incorporating suggestions and contributions and thank the community for its support.

John Dunn and Neil Glaser