MPC Resident Action Group Meeting Minutes



12 FEBRUARY, 2019

Chair:             John McInerney

A/Secretary: Marcia Chalmers

Apologies:    Mark Dowsing, Arabella Smith

The Chair welcomed the attendees and spoke briefly about the meeting.

Previous Minutes

The Minutes of the previous meetings were not available and will be considered at the March, 2019 meeting

  1. Walsh Bay Arts Precinct

David Riches of the project group said that the strip out of Pier 4/5 was almost complete and some maintenance is underway. The kit out of 4/5 should start shortly.

Pier 2/3 design is still under consideration as there are specific needs for the returning/incoming tenants. The proposal will then need Cabinet consideration, probably shortly before the election. David assured the meeting that there should not be any problem if there was a change of Government as both sides have supported the project.

He also noted that hoardings have been put up which now limit general entry but give related transport safe access/egress.

There was a brief discussion about various aspects of the project.

The Chair thanked David and his team for their input to the meeting.

  1. Filming

The Chair said that filming would be taking place on Windmill Street on 2 March, 2019 and questioned the approval process which did not appear to include consultation.

The film company representative described the project requirements and the arrangements that had been made.

The meeting expressed the community concern regarding the approval process as the projects are being forced upon local residents without prior discussion.

The Chair said that, as well as taking up the issue of filming approvals, he would take up with Council the opening of the bridge between Windmill Street and Walsh Bay as it appears the bridge can be opened for filming but is not available to the local community.

Action:           Chair

  1. Sydney Council

Anne Diwell addressed the following issues.

  • Parking

The Chair said that he had been advised there were heritage considerations which Council decided overcame the need for the proposed road widening. The Chair said that this issue would be raised again with Council.

Action:           Anne Warr

  • Coach Parking

Anne said that the question of coach parking in Sydney had been put on hold because of the light rail project.

Coach drivers appear not to like taking their coaches into the Lime Street layover or the other parking options available to them and park for long period in Lower Fort Street, Windmill Street and Argyle Pace and Street. This practice reduces the amenity of the area for the residents by reducing local resident and visitor parking, generates considerable noise pollution and loss of income for the Council as few coaches are seen to buy parking tickets. The parked coaches also intrude into the iconic historic visual amenity of the area for visitors.

Anne said that she was working towards having all the relevant parties attend a meeting to try to develop an appropriate result.

Action:           Council

Leanne Abbott said that the matter could be referred to Alex Greenwich to take up. The Chair said that the RAG would write to Alex as a matter of urgency.

Action:           Chair

  • Food Scraps Recycling

Bernard Kelly said that he had participated in a recent survey regarding recycling of food scraps but had not received an invitation to participate in the trial. Anne said that it was likely that the trial was being carried out in an area with the strongest positive response.

  • Hiring of Centre

Sage Saegenschnitter gave a brief outline of the user coverage available to the RAG. Application has been made for the RAG to be covered by the Council for room hiring charges and cover for people attending the events.

Action:           Sage Saegenschnitter

  • Sirius Watch Day

John Dunn invited neighbours to the Sirius Watch Day, one of 25 signature events worldwide for the World Monuments Fund through which it campaigns for 25 threatened globally-significant Watch Sites. World Monuments Fund Program Director Frank Sanchez is coming to Australia to promote the Sirius Watch Day on Saturday 9 March. Events on the day include

  • a symposium at 1 pm in the Abraham Mott Hall;
  • exhibition of Sirius art works, plans and photos;
  • music and stalls with Sirius artworks, jewellery and clothing for sale; and
  • a picnic outside the hall in the Nita McCrae Park – beginning late afternoon.

More details soon.

  1. Barangaroo – Amber Cameron and Darren Tan

Darren Tan of Lend Lease said that he was working on the Barangaroo South project and it was progressing well and should be completed towards the end of the year.

Darren mentioned that the public domain project would start shortly. The details will continue to be placed on the website.

The Chair tabled a letter from Council regarding the future of Kline Reserve which will affect the Maritime Tower project which has been in limbo for around two years.

A query was raised about the number of noise complaints regarding Barangaroo on New Year’s Eve. Amber said that a response should have been sent to Ingrid Webster and she will follow up on it. She had taken action regarding the noise source.

Amber confirmed that open spaces in Barangaroo must comply with EPA requirements. She also suggested that complaints should be made in real time.

Amber spoke briefly about the changes which had occurred on site and invited residents to visit her office on the 27th floor of the BDA building to look over the site and see the changes.

The information on Barangaroo events etc is available on the Barangaroo website.

Amber also announced that she would be leaving Barangaroo and going back to the RMS.

Suzan Clear, on behalf of the RAG, thanked Amber for her assistance and unfailing willingness to respond to residents’ queries.

Cameron Hamilton will be the contact for the RAG until a new person is appointed.

  1. Local Member’s Report

Leanne said that Alex had been heavily involved in a wide range of community activities.

She also mentioned the election and noted the availability of postal, on line and telephone voting.

Alex Greenwich is programmed to attend the March RAG meeting.

A letter will be sent to Alex thanking him for his active support in returning the Windmill Street/Walsh Bay breezeway to public use.

Action:           Chair

  1. Motion from the Chair

The Chair advised the meeting that the Millers Point Fund wished to be formally incorporated with the RAG as a new body called MPC Resident Action Group Inc.

Membership Forms were circulated regarding the future of the RAG and RAG financing.

With regard to financing, the Chair said that a joining fee and an annual fee would be determined at the next meeting as well as the nomination and election of office bearers.

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Officer and three Committee members will be the “founding members” for the purpose of the constitution.

The current constitution of the Millers Point Fund should form a reasonable basis for a constitution for the new structure. The Chair encouraged those present to complete the forms at the end of the meeting.

  1. Community Activities – RAG Groups

7.1      Community Garden

Sage Saegenschnitter said that the Council was still considering an approach from the Garden Group to extend the garden area and this should occur shortly. It is hoped that the additional garden area will be accessible when the Centre is open.

Action:           Council

  1. Development Applications

8.1      Current DAs

D/2003/1338/D 37 Lower Fort Street DAWES POINT NSW 2000   Lodged   29/01/19   Closes   14/02/19

Section 4.55(2) modification of consent for the internal and external alterations including reconstruction of slate roof on front roof plane, amendments to details of portico, basement windows, skylights, front fence, guttering and external reveals to first-floor window, minor changes to the rear elevation and internal areas.Cost: $100,000

D/2019/55   46-56 Gloucester Street THE ROCKS NSW 2000 Lodged 24/01/19 Closes 01/03/19

Internal and external alterations for refurbishment of the State heritage listed dwelling Number 52A. The application includes adaptation of laundry to bathroom, new roof level solar hot water system, new window treatments, internal paintwork and floor coverings. The application is Integrated Development under the Heritage Act 1977, requiring approval of the NSW Heritage Council. Cost: $149,000.

These DAs were noted and no action is required.

8.2      Urban Design Solutions

The report should be completed shortly.

Action:           Chair and Anne Warr

  1. General Business


  1. Closure and Next Meeting

The meeting closed at 8.30 pm

The next RAG meeting: Tuesday 12 March, 2019 at 6.30 pm at the Harry Jensen Centre, Argyle Street.