Millers Point: Watching the big ships come in

This link takes you to a Hindsight program that was broadcast by the ABC in which you can hear the people of Millers Point speaking (if this button does not work, copy and paste this link into your browser; the double-i in millers is correct)…

From the 1800s Millers Point was home to a small and feisty maritime community living at the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. In the days before water views were valued, many people called Millers Point a slum but those who grew up there are always looking back.

This program is based on recordings made for a colossal oral history project that recorded life in Millers Point before it changed forever. Fifty Pointers, as they call themselves, were interviewed by a team of oral historians and community volunteers led by Frank Heimans.

For the full length version of this audio feature, click on the ‘Download audio’ button at this link.

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