Millers Point Mothers

This mothers day we honour Millers Point mothers, whether they have kids of their own or mother in other ways, especially those taken from us. Your gift to this community was and remains immeasurable. This place is part of your legacy and we will always make you welcome.

 You will find stories of some of those mothers below:


(NB Pru Goward is obviously incorrect in terms of it ‘being better for Flo’ as the wholesale sell off has been declared a failure and Flo is desperate to return).





Our image is of an artwork displayed in March 2016 and originally published here on this website.

“The Village Green has always been the heart of Millers Point, and Millers Point is the heart of Sydney. The heart is a symbol of compassion, of life, and of community.  The cross represents both suffering and salvation as well as being the universal Christian symbol, acknowledged by all denominations as the single visual identifier of their faith. Together, we hope the heart, the crosses and the messages on them send a strong statement to Mike Baird.

These messages recognise the suffering that has been inflicted by the pronouncement on the 19 March, 2014 as well as celebrate the survival of those still here in 2016.

Written on them are messages from the community, which helped people feel that their presence counted and their voice was heard.

Thank you to everyone in the community who have contributed to this work”.

Please share their stories in honour of our mothers.




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