Mary Vo


‘My name is Thi Tonga Vo.

‘I was born on April 26, 1939 in Saigon, South Vietnam.  I live in Millers Point in NSW.

‘In 1975, I was secretary in the Vietnamese Radio Broadcasting station for The Voice of Freedom and The Voice of the Mother of Vietnam with the United Nations.  In 1975, under the Communist regime it became very, very terrible.  No freedom.

‘I escaped by boat from Vietnam to Thailand.  The boat broke during the crossing but I survived.  I lived in the refugee camp called Panethikhom Chonburi in Thailand for one year.  I arrived in Australia in 1989 because my daughter sponsored me.

‘I usually remember and think, “Thank you very much Australia Government and Australian.”  I like to live here because very freedom for the life.

‘Now, I am very old and very sick. I have asthma, cholesterol, high blood pressure, gout and heart conditions. Every day I take a lot of medicine.

‘I have had seven big operations on both my legs in the last couple of years. My husband passed away two years ago from cancer.  I am now alone.

‘I love my home.  I take care of it well.  I have a garden and I can walk to my church and my neighbours are friends. They care about me and I cook for them. I feel safe here.

‘I am finding it very hard since they told me I have to go. They want to sell my home. I cry a lot. I get sick a lot and sometime my brain no good and I didn’t remember.

‘I am scared to ask them to wait until I die before they sell it. Let me stay. I feel I can’t live much longer.

‘People at my church help me. My Catholic name is Mary. Kelli made a petition to ask the NSW State Government to let me stay, but I am very scared.’

Mary Vo’s story has been published on Open Drum.

Please sign the petition to save Mary Vo from eviction.


Mary Vo is being forced out. It appears she was coerced into signing an agreement to move to an area where she knows nobody and where she will be entirely isolated. She will not be allowed to return to live in Millers Point.