Living in Sirius


Kelly, Myra and Cherie are the only residents who remain in the Sirius tower. There are another four residents in the low-rise blocks on either side of the tower. Together these few residents watch out for one another and are all that stands between Sirius and the government’s plans for it to be demolished and replaced by 250 luxury apartments.

Below are more photos of Kelly, Myra and Cherie at home in Sirius, and soon there will be more of their histories and their lives in the community.



More on these and other residents of Sirius soon. Meanwhile, see profiles on Cherie and Myra.

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  1. Petermuller 27 December 2016 at 4:30 pm #

    Only people that have never seen inside this beautiful building would consider pulling it down half way through it useful life It would be a terrible waste of taxpayer recourses also their is the glaring fact of what it represents the reaffirmation of the right to decent housing that was fought for and won by the unions at the federation of Australia from 1901 with the first stevedore’s workers homes built and completed in 1908 those ideals are still important now as they were in the past.


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