Jack Mundey Recognised

“Jack Mundey is an individual whose impact on the fabric of this city is perhaps greater than any other. Not because of the buildings he designed, or commissioned, or built – but because of the buildings he saved,” said to Andrew Nimmo, President of the Australian Institute of Architects, as he announced the President’s Award for 2017.

“Jack has continued to advocate for the preservation of places steeped in history, culture and social networks: At Millers Point, at Parramatta, and (in an ironic repeat of history) at Sirius in The Rocks. He reminds us that we can never take conservation and heritage protection for granted, that we must always be prepared to fight for what we know to be important.”

“For his extraordinary contribution to the preservation of our built heritage through his activist advocacy for nearly fifty years, Jack Mundey is a worthy recipient of the 2017 NSW President’s Prize.”


This Fairfax photograph of Sirius taken on 14 January 1980 accompanied a review of the Australian Institute of Architects awards by Michael Bleby in the Financial Review, 2 July 2017:

“[Jack Mundey] had almost more influence than many architects on what the city looks like because of what he’s saved,” NSW chapter president Andrew Nimmo said.

The institute itself did not always support Mundey’s actions as there were senior members in its ranks at that time who stood to benefit from the state government’s development plans, Mr Nimmo said.

“It’s always been a fractious relationship,” he said. “But as time has passed, we can see he’s on the right side of history and acknowledge that and thank him for his role in.”

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  1. Lynda Kay 3 July 2017 at 10:23 am #

    Indeed a worthy recipient. At this time of rampant distrucion we need an army of Jack Mundy’s

    • John Dunn 3 July 2017 at 11:52 am #

      Good idea. When the judgement for the legal challenge to stop the destruction of Sirius is announced in the next few weeks, we should start a recruitment drive for the Jack Mundey army.

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