Jack Mundey becomes Patron


Jack Mundey named Friends of Millers Point Patron Ahead of Parliament Rally

Legendary Green Bans Campaigner Jack Mundey has been named Patron of the Friends of Millers Point ahead of this week’s Save Public Housing Rally at NSW Parliament House.

“The community has again turned to Jack Mundey for support, and we are delighted to announce that Jack Mundey has agreed to be the Patron of the Friends of Millers Point,” said Kelli Haynes, Convenor of the Friends of Millers Point.

“We certainly once again need people across the community to rally behind Jack and the Friends of Millers Point to save the people and the heritage of The Rocks, Millers Point and Dawes Point.

“Not only are the residents at risk, but also the purpose-built worker and social housing constructed in this area throughout the 20th century,” Ms Haynes said.

“We believe most of the workers’ accommodation will be lost, including the terraces of Windmill Street, the flats of High Street and most disturbingly, the Sirius Apartments which were built as a direct result of the Green Bans.

“The Rocks Green Ban was only lifted in order to allow the building of the Sirius Apartments, which now stand as a monument to the power of workers and residents to join together and shape the environment in which they live.

“The State Government needs to come up with a better plan for public housing than turfing vulnerable people out of an area many have lived in throughout their lives.”

The Rally 

With the rally to be held in Macquarie Street at noon this Wednesday (19 November), Millers Point, Dawes Point and The Rocks Public Housing Tenants Group spokesperson and long-term resident Barney Gardner welcomed Mundey as Patron of the Friends of Millers Point.

“I hope Wednesday’s rally draws the same inspiration from the power of collective community action that Jack helped make famous in the 1970s Green Bans movement.

Mr Gardiner said this week’s rally is calling on the State Government for more money for more public housing rather than funding it through selling existing properties in affluent areas such as The Rocks.



Forty years ago Jack Mundey and the BLF joined local communities in environmental activism. This was the birth of the Green Bans. One of the first and most hard-fought Green Bans was the struggle to save The Rocks.

In the early 1970s, money was pouring into commercial and speculative property development, and old buildings were in the way.

In The Rocks, Jack Mundey and the BLF fought alongside Nita McCrae and The Rocks Resident Action Group for the preservation of this community and the buildings which are now considered some of the most significant heritage buildings in our country.


Friends of Millers Point

Website: http://millerspointcommunity.com.au/save-our-community/

Facebook: Save Millers Point

Convenor: Kelli Haynes 0400 924 130




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