Dr Michael Kendrick joins Jack Mundey as patron

Dr Michael Kendrick in front of the large 'No Surrender' artwork by Margaret and John, original by Reg Mombassa


Jack Mundey and Reg Mombassa have been joined as patrons for Friends of Millers Point by Dr Michael Kendrick PhD, an international consultant in human services and community work, and currently a consultant to the NSW government.

Readers can show their support for these patrons and the people of Millers Point by signing the petition to save Mary Vo from eviction. This is the first of a series of petitions which will be online from March 3. Links to further petitions will be here as soon as they are posted.

Here is what Michael says about Millers Point:

“The history of the mistreatment and exploitation of the poor and the powerless is so extensive and unrelenting that the most prudent way we can be reassured that it will not occur again is to bend over backwards to demonstrate that what is now occurring is beyond criticism. The burden of proof should not be on the poor to establish what is true … Rather, it should rest with the powerful and privileged, (who may orchestrate or cooperate with any apparent dispossession of the poor), to leave no doubt that the poor have been treated honourably. Where persistent questions remain as to the moral meaning of how the poor are being treated, as is the case with the current cleansing of the Miller’s Point neighbourhood of its long term poor residents,  it is likely that something is amiss and should now be corrected…” February 2015

Michael’s previous roles include being the Assistant Commissioner for Program Development with the Massachusetts government and the Director for the Institute for Leadership and Community Development. Michael teaches, consults and writes on leadership, service quality, the creation of safeguards for vulnerable persons, social integration, innovation, alternatives to bureaucracy, and reform in the human service field. He has most consistently worked in the disability, mental health and aged care fields but has also worked in areas such as drug abuse, child protection and community education. He is now very active as a public speaker and teacher as well as evaluator, consultant, and advisor to advocates, governments, agencies and community groups. Michael regularly teaches at various universities both here and abroad and writes extensively. Canadian born, he now lives in Massachusetts with his wife Cathy, a human rights lawyer.


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