In 1865 the Trigonometrical Survey of Sydney showed the streets of Millers Point, property boundaries and building footprints – colour coded pink for brick; beige for stone; grey for wood; and blue for iron. Click on map to enlarge it. For more detail, download Block A1 and Block A2 from the Historical Atlas in the City of Sydney Archives.

In this 1865 map, Windmill Street runs across the middle. A section of Hickson Road and the Walsh Bay wharves replaced the wharves on the northern side of Windmill Street, and most of the Georgian and Early Victorian houses on the other side of Windmill Street were replaced by the Workers’ Terraces built by the Harbour Trust early last century. At the same time Pottinger Street was realigned  to provide access to the upper levels of the new wharves.

Argyle Street in The Rocks is at the bottom right-hand corner and meets Lower Fort Street. Many of the houses in Argyle Place still stand, but other streets disappeared when Hickson Road was excavated and the wharves of Walsh Bay were built.

A c.1950 map shows many of these later streets, but some of these have also since disappeared. Click on the map to enlarge it, or download the full c.1950 map – Sheet 2 from the Historical Atlas in the City of Sydney Archives.