This 1833 City Section Survey Plan mapped the western side of Lower Fort Street from Windmill Street to Dawes Point. The map indicates parcels of land with details of the size of each parcel; survey lines; names of owners; and often the nature of the grant or basis of ownership. (Link to map about the same time of the whole area – 1836 map) Click on the map for a larger version or download Section 90 from the City of Sydney’s Historical Atlas of Sydney. Many of the buildings in this map are still standing: at the centre of the map in the parcel owned by Edwards and Hunter are numbers 35 and 37 (with number 37 recently erected and number 35 still under construction when the survey was completed); then to the right is William Morris’s terrace at 33 to 25 Lower Fort Street (also completed in 1833); then the pair of semis at the corner of Captain Nicholson’s land which were leased out (his own house is shown in the opposite corner long since demolished); and William Walker’s villa erected in the mid-1820s and which survives in part within Milton Terrace at 1–19 Lower Fort Street – the original villa is beneath numbers 9 and 7, and Walker’s original front door remains on number 9, along with many internal features, including the serpentine staircase, internal doors and fireplaces.