‘When we came to Millers Point, we had been on the Maritime Services Board waiting list for some time. In those days you  had to meet a criteria – either through work or family to be eligible for housing. My father-in-law and two uncles worked for the Board and we were placed on a waiting list. We were delighted when we reached the top of the list  and had the choice of three houses, two in High Street and one in Trinity Avenue.  We decided on Trinity.  The Board replaced floorboards in the hallway and put in a small sink in the corner of the kitchen – that was it. It was up to us to make it into a home, which we did, we painted, put in a hot water service, a kitchen, carpet, etc  and made it into a home.

‘The most pleasing thing about our move was the welcome we received from the Millers Point community. I’ve made many good friends here as have my children and the loss of this unique community is devastating.’