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Millers Point is an isolated community. It has been this way since the 1820s when it was home to the Colony’s maritime trade. Throughout the nineteenth century it developed into a lively and chaotic collection of wharves, ship building, repair and maintenance shops, warehouses and bond stores. Millers Point was home to the working harbour and to traders, sailors, wharf owners, waterside workers and their families. Read more about the history of this area in the introduction or see Millers Point in…

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The windmills of Millers Point and the rocky outcrops of The Rocks were the landmarks after which these suburbs were named. Streets such as Hart Street and Princes Street are long gone, but others like Windmill and Lower Fort Streets survive, and some like High Street were created as the landscape was reshaped early last century. For stories of the streets of Millers Point, Dawes Point and The Rocks, and the story of Sirius go to THE PLACE.


Prior to the Displacement that began in 2014, many familes had lived for generations in Millers Point, Dawes Point and The Rocks. Read their stories in THE PEOPLE.


The SIRIUS section records the story of a remarkable building and its residents, a story of survival against the odds and the final piece in a campaign to save a community in Millers Point.

Sirius was built following the 1970s Green Bans, built for the residents of The Rocks and Millers Point, and recommended for by the Heritage Council for State Heritage Listing. In 2016, the government refused the Heritage Listing for Sirius, a Green Ban was placed on it, and the government renewed its efforts to force out its remaining tenants.

The Save Our Sirius Foundation campaigns to save Sirius, the apartments built for the community that saved The Rocks from demolition in the 1970s. Its website launched in 2016, followed soon after by social media pages and then the Sirius book in late 2017.


The situation changes constantly in Millers Point. For the latest news, see NEWS and the SAVE MILLERS POINT and SAVE OUR SIRIUS Facebook pages.


This is where to find contact information for the Millers Point Resident Action Group, the Friends of Millers Point and the Sirius Foundation. Contributors to this site are welcome. Comment on stories that interest you, or contact us via the following links for more information, or to submit longer articles or photos.  Most content on this site by John Dunn. Other writers include Kelli Haynes, Grace Karskens, Margaret Bishop, Robert Mowbray and Shirley Fitzgerald. In most cases, readers are welcome to use and share information on this site in line with our terms of use.



News from Millers Point…



‘Thirty years ago I was moved into 24a when it was just MSB housing, not Dept of Housing. I had that horrible tar on the floor, no back door and no hot water. I told my two small children and one baby that we were having an adventure, even down to putting up a tent. […]

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Exploding the Myths

Robert Mowbray has prepared the following material to explode some of the myths about social housing and Millers Point… In March 2014 the NSW Government announced plans to sell its housing stock in Millers Point and re-locate all of its tenants. Let’s explode some of the myths that bedevil the debate. Social housing  Firstly, there are […]

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High Street 1920

The Workers Flats of Millers Point

At the beginning of the 20th century the government compulsorily acquired all private wharves, homes and commercial properties in the Rocks, Dawes Point and Millers Point. Modern and efficient wharves with dual level access were built. Nearly all of Millers Point west of Kent Street was demolished and whole streets disappeared as roadways to service the new […]

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Trinity Ave

Myra and Trinity Avenue in 1970

In 1970 Myra moved into 18 Trinity Avenue with her husband Nick and two children. She remembers what it was like moving to Trinity Avenue… ‘Construction of the Western Distributor forced our family to move from above my husband’s shoe shop in Erskine Street. The Maritime Services Board did not compensate us for the loss of […]

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Petition to let our elderly neighbour stay

Our beautiful neighbour Mrs Mary Vo, is being evicted from her home because the NSW State Government has decided to sell it and all other public housing in Millers Point. Not only is this decision by the government hard-hearted, it also runs against the best financial and urban planning advice and the government’s own policy […]

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Open letter to the Premier and Minister Upton

Hon. Mike Baird and Hon. Gabrielle Upton 8 December 2014 Dear Premier and Minister Upton, Friends of Millers Point request an urgent meeting with you in regard to the State Government’s forced relocation and inhumane treatment of public housing tenants and elderly residents in Millers Point, Dawes Point and The Rocks. Despite compelling economic, social and […]

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