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Sirius update

Sirius remains at the heart of a plan to save the social housing community of Millers Point, Dawes Point and The Rocks. Sirius is also high on the list of international campaigns to save endangered Brutalist buildings. The following introduction to Sirius and its use for social housing has been sent to SOSBrutalism and Brutalism:Online… In the early 1970s, […]

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In December 2015 the Sirius apartments and their residents are under severe threat.  The Heritage Council has nominated Sirius to be listed on the State Heritage Register. Mark Speakman, Minister for the Environment is expected to announce his decision about the listing within weeks, but residents have been told the building is to be sold […]

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The people of Sirius

SIRIUS, PEOPLE, COMMUNITY The National Trust has proposed listing the Sirius apartments on the State Heritage Register, and this proposal is currently being considered. Below are stories of how the people of Sirius came to be there and why they are an important part of its heritage. Sirius architect Theo (Tao) Gofers with three Sirius residents earlier […]

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Sirius and the NSW Government on Spin Cycle

The Sunday Telegraph reported: “The landmark Sirius building, the brutalist housing commission block at The Rocks, could be replaced by 250 luxury apartments under a state government proposal to the NSW Heritage Council, to be released tomorrow.” The Department recommends demolishing Sirius and replacing it will 250 luxury apartments, and if its plans are thwarted, it appears Brad Hazzard […]

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Sirius residents need their community

Only a handful of Sirius residents remain. For eighteen months a Relocation Team of twenty trained government officers has been pressuring them to leave the only community they know. They feel the threat of eviction hanging over them, and if they are evicted, for most it will be the end of their independent lives. From former neighbours […]

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This is Sirius

There have always been close bonds between the residents of Sirius. They have formed a strong and happy community. From the outset, Sirius has been one of the great success stories of public housing in New South Wales. How to account for this? For one thing, many of the original residents were firmly connected to the area before […]

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