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Eszter’s Relocation

The following stories were recorded between June 2014 and November 2016, which was when Eszter was ‘relocated’. Eszter’s ‘relocation’ was seen in the new Forced Out preview at This is Sirius exhibition, and it affected everyone who saw it. For more than thirty years Eszter  lived at 31 Dalgety Terrace. The Maritime was Eszter’s landlord, […]

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Will the NSW Government listen?

“The NSW Government is evicting more elderly Millers Point residents to sell fifty properties by June. Amongst them is Darling House, the aged care home funded by residents and the City of Sydney. Vulnerable residents are upset and often in tears, but it does not have to be like this. The Sirius Foundation has been […]

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Relocating Myra

This week, the government began the eviction process for 90-year-old Myra, the face of Sirius and custodian of the SOS lights. Myra and the Sirius Foundation still hope to meet someone from the NSW Government to present and discuss alternatives that would save the Sirius building, keep a portion of it for social housing, and […]

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