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Clover Moore has joined the latest SAVE OUR SIRIUS campaign… “Sydney’s making international news for all the wrong reasons. This time it’s the State Government’s decision to reject the Sirius building – against all recommendations – and in a blatant cash grab, replace the iconic building with luxury apartments. In just a few days, the […]

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S.O.S. Sirius

People continue to campaign to SAVE OUR SIRIUS. There has been extraordinary support for Sirius since the NSW Government announced its rejection of its own NSW Heritage Committee to list Sirius as a heritage item of state significance. Watch for stories about Sirius in the coming weeks (and links to many of the great recent […]

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Another 175 homes to be sold

The NSW Government has announced it was selling a further 175 dwellings in Millers Point, “a diverse range of the new property types that will include loft-style apartments, individual strata apartments and a number of multiple dwelling blocks to be offered in one line.” Already the government has sold most of the 19th-century terraces it […]

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Millers Point survives

It has just been announced that the name MILLERS POINT is not being changed to BARANGAROO POINT. This is a great victory for the people of Millers Point who have campaigned for this name not to be erased from history. Below are some photos and a link to the submission which explains why it was important […]

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