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SOS Save our Sirius is a campaign to save Sirius, the flats built for the community that saved The Rocks from demolition in the 1970s. Launched in August 2016 is a dedicated SAVE OUR SIRIUS website.

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Sirius is a fine and rare example of Brutalism in Australia. It is at the top of the Endangered List on the #SOSBrutalism site (Browse Gallery and choose Status – Endangered) even though the Heritage Council has recommended it be listed as a Heritage Item of State Significance. Sirius and its residents are under great threat at the beginning of 2016, and for this reason news and information about Sirius lead each section of this site in 2016.  Read more about the #SOSSirius campaign, and the organisations and people supporting it.


The windmills of Millers Point and the rocky outcrops of The Rocks were the landmarks after which these suburbs were named. Streets such as Hart Street and Princes Street are long gone, but others like Windmill and Lower Fort Streets survive, and some like High Street were created as the landscape was reshaped early last century. The Place presents stories about the streets of Millers Point, Dawes Point and The Rocks, with a separate section on Sirius (SOS – Save Our Sirius).


Many people have lived in Millers Point, Dawes Point and The Rocks for decades, and some for generations. The People records the stories of these people who together make up the Millers Point community.


In December 2015, this section focuses on Sirius (SOS – Save Our Sirius) and its residents who face forced ‘relocation’ as the first step in a plan to replace Sirius with luxury apartments. There is also the news that the government will allow a few people to stay or move within the area. The Sirius apartments could be a place for the Millers Point community to live and prosper. The Sirius apartments were built following the 1970s Green Bans, built for the residents of The Rocks and Millers Point, and recently recommended for official Heritage Listing. Here is a link to one article about Sirius and its place in the campaign to save the Millers Point community.


History and heritage are subjects running through all of this site, and in this case, heritage includes the people of this community. Read why this is the only community in the country with a state government Heritage Listing. See the major changes that occurred in Millers Point in 1840 … 1900 … 1970 … 2014


The situation changes constantly in Millers Point. For the latest news, see NEWS and the SAVE MILLERS POINT Facebook page, or go directly to the News items below.


A contact page is being added to this site soon. Contributors to this site are welcome. Comment on stories that interest you, or contact us via the following links for more information, or to submit longer articles or photos.  Most content on this site by John Dunn. Other writers include Kelli Haynes and other Friends of Millers Point, including Margaret Bishop, Robert Mowbray and Shirley Fitzgerald. In most cases, readers are welcome to use and share information on this site in line with our terms of use.


Millers Point is an isolated community. It has been this way since the 1820s when it became a centre for the Colony’s maritime trade. Throughout the nineteenth century it developed into a lively and chaotic collection of wharves, ship building, repair and maintenance shops, and warehouses and bond stores that was home to traders, sailors, wharf owners and waterside workers. Continue Reading



News from Millers Point…



Government Prepares to Sell Sirius

KEY ANNOUNCEMENTS The NSW Government is preparing to sell Sirius. Family and Community Services has written to the residents of Sirius – see attached. The Save Our Sirius Foundation has been working on alternatives to put before the government. What follows is one alternative that would save the building, retain a significant portion of social […]

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Living in Sirius

Kelly, Myra and Cherie are the only residents who remain in the Sirius tower. There are another four residents in the low-rise blocks on either side of the tower. Together these few residents watch out for one another and are all that stands between Sirius and the government’s plans for it to be demolished and […]

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Press Release: Community Launches Legal Action for Sirius

PRESS RELEASE THURSDAY 3rd NOVEMBER 2016 COMMUNITY LAUNCHES LEGAL ACTION FOR SIRIUS    KEY ANNOUNCEMENTS  In the continued campaign to save the Sirius apartment building, the Millers Point Community Association today launched their crowd-funded legal challenge against the NSW Government. In a press conference in front of the NSW Parliament, the group announced NSW Heritage Minister Mark […]

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Why Sirius works

Shaun Carter describes why Sirius was successful after “the utopian idea of early last century – to put people in a tall tower – fundamentally failed throughout the west. England and France have tonnes of these. They fundamentally disregarded the street. The moment we give up on the street, we give up on things like […]

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Surviving the Relocation

Every night for two years Myra has turned on the SOS lights in her top-floor Sirius unit to send a simple message to Mike Baird – Save Our Sirius. The message has been taken up internationally, with Sirius leading the #SOSBrutalism campaign to “save our concrete monsters” and featuring in dozens of international media stories. […]

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The march and the rally

   Amongst the 1500 who marched to Sirius today were Jack and Judy Mundey, Shaun Carter, Rosso, the CFMEU, the MUA, the ETU, Amiera and many of her student colleagues from UTS and elsewhere. This has been the most important event so far in the Save Our Sirius campaign. The Sirius Foundation organised this outstanding […]

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